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Cygnet Family Practice
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Monday to Friday
8.30 am – 5.00 pm
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ACN: 169 769 877
Nurse Practitioner and GP working together to provide  a more comprehensive and targeted approach to your health needs 
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Cygnet Family Practice aims to serve you by providing a caring, holistic, pro-active service model.
Ours is an innovative approach, using both general practitioner (GP) and a nurse practitioner (NP),  
working  together to provide optimum treatment.
The GP attends to your medical needs
and the NP your advanced nursing needs  
Our model of consulting combines the appropriate practitioner,
for the right reasons,
at the right time
To ensure that you are always seen on the day,  our 
Nurse Practitioner triages your care, treats your minor illnesses and injuries and further refers you to our doctor when needed.
The Nurse Practitioner prescribes medications,
provides repeat prescriptions, orders blood tests and 
x rays, and refers on to specialists or to hospitals.
When you register with us as a new patient, you will be booked with our Nurse Practitioner, Kerrie Duggan, for a comprehensive initial assessment. This appointment provides an opportunity to set up your medical record showing all allergies, medications, medical conditions and baseline observations such as blood pressure levels.
This appointment is comprehensive, lasts up to 40 minutes and is bulk billed.
The benefit for you in having a Nurse Practitioner appointment is that it includes extra time without personal cost to allow full discussion of your particular health care goals.
It also provides the time to get to know each other and to work together to ensure the best possible, focus on the patient need.
Aim of the Nurse Practitioner appointment
  • Assessment and early intervention to decrease lifestyle risk of smoking, harmful alcohol intake, weight and physical inactivity 
  • Early detection of risk factors such as elevation of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Early detection of skin cancer
  • Screening for early detection of bowel cancer
  • Action plans for people with diabetes, heart and lung disease 
  • Plan for comprehensive, systematic, holistic health care
  • Streamline potential hospital discussions for advanced care