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Cygnet Family Practice
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A Belief in Holistic Health Care  
Dr. Annette Hackett founded Cygnet Family Practice in April 2011.  Her caring and holistic approach to healthcare built a passionate following amongst residents of Cygnet and the surrounding region.
The expiration of the initial lease arrangement meant the practice was in danger of closing in 2014.
Two patients of the practice, Carl and Linda Childs van Wijk recognised that Cygnet might lose this unique form of healthcare
and undertook to secure its future through ownership and support via a generous philanthropic arrangement. 
Passionate staff who believed in and provided the original service re-established the practice in Frederick Street in early 2014. The practice has grown as new patients discover the philosophy and practices behind the holistic healthcare approach.
Carl Childs-van Wijk – Patron
"More and more families are questioning the nature of the Primary Healthcare they receive from their General Practitioner.
As patrons of this wonderful approach to treatment, our only hope is that this practice will continue with the caring approach it has shown in the past and that other medical practices may also see the value of developing this type of life long relationship with their patients".
Linda Childs-van Wijk – Patron
"When holistic care is provided, thought is given to tomorrow’s problems, as well as today's.
In this way we can see that today’s treatment becomes the way to help prevent the next problem of aging or illness that we might experience."
  What is Holistic Healthcare?
Holistic healthcare is care, administered
in exactly the way most people
who have been ill, imagine their treatment
will be  provided: 
  • It puts patients first and strives for excellence in providing healthcare needs
  • It provides integrity and respect to the patient
  • It is evidence based and keeps abreast of the latest treatments available
  • It promotes and values shared decision making between the patient and practitioner
  • It supports and empowers patients to make choices to help them to look after their own health needs
  • Holistic healthcare involves other Allied Healthcare services to address specific ailments
  • Most importantly, holistic care is pro active. Holistic healthcare takes the time to plan ahead and applies preventative stratagies to prevent future illness.